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Taba Iran

Provider of comprehensive services for setting up and marketing businesses on the Internet

Setting up the site, web hosting and sending SMS

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Taba site

It is a professional site builder platform that allows users to set up their site in no time, without the need for programming knowledge. Taba site allows users to set up an online store and sell products and services online


taba sms

With the help of this service, register a comprehensive list of your customers with selected information and send them your desired message in the shortest possible time. Taba SMS user panel allows you to send SMS to your target audience, introduce your services to them and find new customers. In this way, targeted and low-cost marketing becomes possible in the simplest way for all businesses.

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Taba Host

Using powerful Intel® Xeon processors and SSDs Hardware RAID10 space, this collection provides the most powerful cloud hosting servers to customers to use the highest possible quality. The professional user panel of this collection provides you with everything you need. Transferring hosting services from other companies and hosts to Taba Host is free.

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Start selling on the Internet:

Taba Iran helps you to have a website and sell your products and services online without the need for programming knowledge. We have made it easy for you.


Increase your customers:

If you have just started your online business, you can easily send advertising messages to your target audience across the country in the shortest possible time through the panel and services provided by Taba SMS and Tabagram.

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Focus on the growth and sustainability of your business:

Whenever you need more server and resources, we will provide it for you so that you can serve more users and not worry about the security of your information. Tabahost’s dedicated firewall and configuration simplifies business development.

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Taba Iran

Taba Iran is an agile group in the field of providing comprehensive IT services, which tries to help the development of businesses in the web space by providing different platforms and products. This collection uses scientific marketing strategies in the best way in the development and excellence of programming and internet services in the country.

Address: Isfahan, Najaf Abad, Taleghani, Ebrahim Mohammadi St., No. 787, East Imam St.


All material and intellectual rights belong to Taba Iran

All material and intellectual rights belong to Taba Iran